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custom windows and doors san jose

Family owned and operated since 1954, the staff at Alum Rock Hardware, Windows & Doors are dedicated to serving our San Jose community with exceptional customer service and quality door products. Over the years, we have narrowed our expertise and focus on doors and door hardware knobs and locks. What does this mean for you? It means you can have any door style you want.

At our hardware, window, and door store, you will find a large variety of standard doors and door hardware for added style and safety. We also offer custom doors and installation if you have a specific style you're looking for.


We invite you to visit our San Jose door and window store today!


Alum Rock Hardware, Doors & Windows opened in 1954. It was then that two friends, Jerry Rose and Stan Faraday, began to serve the still largely agricultural San Jose, CA area. The business supplied tools, plumbing, hardware, electrical supplies, paint, and house and garden materials, along with items specifically for the agricultural community. Over the decades, the business expanded to include windows and doors to accommodate the enormous local growth. The business progressed for many years and developed a reputation as “the place you'll find everything.” They also developed generational relationships with their customers and neighbors. This continued for more than 50 years until the current financial crisis. Downsizing was necessary, so all but the door and window department was liquidated by 2010. Since then, sales have improved and Alum Rock Hardware, Windows, and Doors look forward to many more years of service to the community.

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